So Far For YUMDM In 2022

YUMDM in 2022 - An Update

In a recent post I listed what I wanted to achieve in 2022, and thought it may be a good idea on what I have done so far this year.

It’s only been just over one month but it has been productive so far. I will update this post each month to see where I am at and what I have managed to get done.

April 2022

      • Published the May issue of d12 Monthly – the free D&D zine
      • Established YUMDM & d12 Monthly as a side business (as opposed to a hobby)
      • I also announced a new zine just for patrons: d12 Sites, which will give you a location you can drop into your campaigns and have hours of adventures with. It will be available as a free PDF to patrons starting in June
      • Gained another piece of art for the first in a series of Monster Manuals
      • Wrote two blog posts in the same series on Cultural Weapons: the Orc Carver and the Dwarven Fighting Dagger
      • I have been running my West Marches campaign for 4 weeks now and it just keeps getting better. It should be out of beta soon!
      • I haven’t been able to play too much soloRPGs but I did play one session where the PCs were ambushed by a rival NPC party and a quick combat ensued. However, the PCs managed to retreat after realising they were a little out-gunned.
      • And, finally, I have also been super happy with some recent metrics:
            • I have reach 48 patrons over on Patreon, which just floors me
            • The average open rate for my email list is just over 60%, which is amazing and way above the industry average of around 36%
            • A lot of my blog posts are ranking very well for certain terms, even coming up as Featured Snippets:

Google Snippet

That’s it for last month, but exciting times will be had in May, I am sure.

March 2022

      • Published the April issue of d12 Monthly – my free D&D zine
      • Purchased the first piece of art for my first monster manual
      • Goblin_art_by_Goblogna
      • I wrote a new blog posts: on encounter table design. This is part 1 is a short series on random encounters
      • I also published the second of the podcast I am part of – now called D&3, which features myself, Ian from Black Dragon Games, and Jon from Tale of the Manticore.
      • I added a soloRPG section to this website – hopefully people will find it handy
      • I am about to start my West Marches campaign – this will be a test run for a few session with some close friends to see how it all works. I will be opening it to the public come late April/early May
      • I sent out my secret project for patron – I call them bookmark monsters
      • Issue 10 with bookmarks small
      • Unfortunately, I haven’t had too much time for my solo campaigns, but once the front end work for the West Marches prep has been done, I can focus more on them

February 2022

Not bad for a short month. I hope to do even more during March, natural disasters aside. How have you been travelling this year so far?

January 2022

      • I have published the January issue of my free D&D zine, d12 Monthly. This issue is all about dragons
      • I have started on a West Marches-style campaign which will have players from all over the world
      • I have written three blog posts:
      • I have played some more soloRPG which continued my main solo D&D campaign
      • I have lined up a date & topic for the next podcast with Jon and Ian
      • I have been working on my Kickstarter, working out an art budget and narrowing down the artists I like, plus working on the book itself (but need to do much more before the April launch)

Looking back at my original post – with what I had planned – a couple of things have been partially ticked off:

      1. The first zine has been published and I am working on the next one already
      2. I have the next podcast recording set up
      3. I have been blogging, releasing four blogs (see above)
      4. I have also added a new project: the West Marches campaign

All in all, I am happy with my progress so far this year – how are you going and what have you done/working on?

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