Free Table-Top Roleplaying Games

Free Roleplaying Games On DriveThruRPG

There are so many free table-top roleplaying games (TTRPGs) on DriveThruRPG.

So many, in fact, I thought I would list a few so you can check them out.

This will save you dollars and also help out the creator in spreading the word about their game. This Free Roleplaying Games listing is a way to bring table-top roleplaying to everyone, no matter how wealthy (or not) they are.

All of these are PDF versions of the games, but they can easily be printed out or just used as is. All games were free at time of publishing. I will update as needed.


By Shawn Tomkin

Ironsworn Cover

According to the blurb, in Ironsworn you are a hero sworn to undertake perilous quests in the dark fantasy setting of the Ironlands. You will explore untracked wilds, fight desperate battles, forge bonds with isolated communities, and reveal the secrets of this harsh land.

There are three ways to play:

      1. Guided – that is, with a GM
      2. Co-Op – no GM
      3. Solo – just you

The PDF download is fully searchable and indexed and also contains:

      • Rulebook
      • Character sheet
      • 75 printable asset cards
      • Extensive reference materials

My Rating: 9/10

A fantastic game with a unique system, especially for solo gaming.

Get Ironsworn for free


Root Cover

This the starter kit, but there is more than enough to get you started in the world of Root, which is based on the award-winning Root: A Game of Woodland Might & Right board game.

According to the blurb, the players take on the roles of vagabonds in the Woodland, adventuring from clearing to clearing and through the forest while a war rages in the background.

One downside, for me anyone, is that it is Powered by the Apocalypse framework, but you may find this a boon.

The download contains:

      • Quick Start Guide & Play Book in B&W
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Playbook & Moves

My Rating: 6/10

A great world and idea but the system is not so great.

Get Root for free

Dark Dungeons

Dark_Dungeons cover

Dark Dungeons, as the blurb says, a retro-roleplaying game in the style of old-school 1980’s and 1990’s role-playing when rogues were thieves, races were classes, and you could start your adventuring career exploring a few basic dungeons and end up travelling the planes. 

Dark Dungeons X is the 10th anniversary edition, complete with the original Dark Dungeons and Darker Dungeons.

It is a cross between old school D&D with a few more modern ideas from 3rd edition.

I haven’t played or read this one, but it looks promising.

Get Dark Dungeons for free

Age Past: The Incian Sphere

Age Past - The Incian Sphere

Age Past: The Incian Sphere is a sandbox fantasy RPG that suits characters from primitive to low technology genres. It is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful solo-INDIE RPG books every published. 

As you adventure, you are already known – from the future’s eye – to have impacted the world. You are in the history books. Children study your legacy. What did you do? Take down the King? Save a village from a horde of Trolls? Help a despot rise to power? The Age Past allows you to advance your goals through simple story driven mechanics.

For those of you who love crunch and solo play, and are bored with Dungeons & Dragons (or elves and dwarves), Ages Past may be the game for you.

Get Ages Past for free

Aleph RPG – v. 2.0

Aleph RPG – v. 2.0

Aleph is another non-D&D TTRPG that may satisfy those of you who have grown out of Dungeons & Dragons and wants something new. And one you can hack and use freely.

Aleph RPG is a complete Role-Playing Game system, released under Creative Commons license and thus freely usable for any purpose.

It has a class-less design character generation system and seems to be obsessed with creating a balanced game. There is heaps here for those with the desire and time to have a look.

I haven’t played or read this one, but it looks promising.

Get Aleph RPG – v. 2.0 for free

Others I Missed?

Know of another free TTRPG on DriveThruRPG? Let me know in the comments below and I will add it above.

While You’re Here…

Since 2021 I have been publishing d12 Monthly, a monthly zine, which has a ton of articles for any edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Printed copies are available in my store. The PDF is available on DriveThruRPG and you can get both, plus support my work, via my Patreon.

I will also be releasing some more products in the near future.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or my contact page any time.

3 Replies to “Free Table-Top Roleplaying Games”

  1. Back at the dawn of the web, there where hundreds of free TTRPG. None of them were as polished as the ones today but it surprises me that there so few in your list.

    More recently, there was free downloads of the D6 system books and the Star Wars D6 books were also offered for free. These are excellent RPGs (that were actually published but out of print). The ex-publishers offered the PDFs for free. All legit. I’ll try and dig up a link.

    1. Thanks, Delta. It’s a list I want to grow over time. I will add D6 to the list. I will keep adding to it as I find them. Thanks for your help! 🙂

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