Scheduled Projects

Scheduled Projects

I tend to have a LOT of ideas for creative projects – a lot of them fit nicely into my zines – but I do have a great deal of ideas that I want to turn into projects that I can publish outside of the zine format.

This page is really about those projects – be they just ideas, or projects that I have started working on and will complete over the next year or two.

I will update this page as time goes on and I decide how to publish these. Any major updates or releases on these scheduled projects I will post on this site in the form of blog posts. Once these are up I will add links below.

I will try and put release dates when and where I can, but a good portion of these will not have dates associated with them, or the dates will be fairly loose.


These projects are all in addition to the monthly zines I produce.

d12 Monthly Zine Annuals

I am working to put together the first annual book that will feature the first year of articles from d12 Monthly (Issues 0-7) all updated with new, original art. If this is successfully kickstarted, then I will release the other years in the future.

Timeline: This Kickstarter will launch in early June.

Monster Manual

This one involves releasing a monster manual that is more than just stat blocks and hit points. I envision this to be a book for those GMs who want to add monsters and animals into their world where it makes sense. It will include geographic and environmental information for each monster, and many more useful details.

Update March 14, 2024: I am looking at releasing these separately – one monster at a time – so I can get this done over time, and then perhaps release it as a book at a later date.

Timeline: I have started working on this, but I am still trying to finalise the basic template for the monsters, and figuring out what to add and what to leave out. More information throughout 2024.

Books of Lairs

This one is still in the ideas phase, but it will feature several lairs for each kind of monster and animal.

Update March 14, 2024: I am thinking of releasing these as single-page publications into my webstore (as part of a wider single-page release schedule). Stay tuned!

Timeline: This is only in early ideation phase. More on this throughout 2024.


I am working on my own table-top role-playing game. It’s working title is Aythia: The Roleplaying Game (after the name of my own campaign world), but I will see what better name comes along.

It is based on D&D 3e, but the verboseness of that edition has been stripped back to its bare bones, and a lot of new rules and mechanics have been added – many of them inspired by old school D&D. Plus a few original ones.

Update March 14, 2024: I have also started creating my version of OSE (and using it for the solo campaign – see below) which will be my standard for OSE moving forward.

Timeline: I would like to think I would be publicly playtesting by the end of 2024, with an eye to Kickstart it in early-to-mid 2025. I am currently about to start solo playtesting it.

Solo Roleplaying

This is a goal for 2024. I want to do much more of it in the coming year. And not just solo Dungeons & Dragons. I am thinking about D6 Star Wars (set in the Zahn sequel era), and Twilight 2000.

I am also looking at developing a YouTube solo live play as I always seem to get requests on how I run my solo games.

Update March 14, 2024: I am not sure about using YouTube to be honest. From what I hear currently, I don’t think it would be all that successful as I don’t have time to dedicate to it in a regular basis.

I have also started a new D&D OSE campaign and it is going well. You can read the updates in the articles Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3.

Timeline: I started this in March of 2024, and it will continue throughout the year as time permits.

Developing Aythia

I really want to start developing and documenting my home campaign world of Aythia online . It’s a mid-level fantasy campaign world that very much follows the grounded fantasy theme.

Material will be posted on this site as blog posts as I finalise them, which will all link from a centralised page. I can see PDFs being available in my store and on DriveThruRPG as well.

Timeline: Watch throughout 2024 for posts. It would be nice to release a book eventually for it, but I don’t see that happening until 2025 at the earliest.