West Marches Campaign


This has been put on permanent hiatus while I work on the zine and some other projects.


Welcome to my West Marches campaign page. Here you will find all you need to know whether you want to play in this on-going campaign.

This campaign will take place in the town of Longhope – a stout hin (halfling) town nestled at the foot of the Dragonspine Mountains – and from there you will find adventure to the east (not the west as the name suggests) in an unexplored land filled with ancient treasure and magic.

You can find my house rules and any additional rules in this Google Doc

Find out how to create a character

What Is This Campaign All About?

Based on the West Marches campaign by Ben Robbins this campaign  will feature the following:

      • Open sandbox – PCs can go anywhere within the boundaries of the Ancient Eastern Empire of Tomek
      • A focus on exploration and survival in the wilds
      • Old school sensibilities (using OSE, Old School Essentials, for the rules)
      • Players can have multiple characters (character tree), but only play one at a time (you can decide who you want to take with you on the adventure)
      • You, the players, will decide where you want to go and what you want to do each session – discussing this with your fellow players.

When are Sessions Played?

Whenever I can manage to run a 3-6 hour session.

I will post when the session will be and then you can decide if you can play.

There is no set date or time, and different players will play each session – whoever can make it.

Where Will this be Played?

Online. Using Discord for voice and Google Drive (Docs) for any visuals, maps, etc.

I will also be using Google Dive to keep track of all the PCs. I have set up character sheets and each player will be given access to their own folder within Google Drive.

Here they can keep track of all their characters and any notes or maps they want to keep.

Who Plays?

Whoever can make it.

I set a date and time (ahead of schedule) and then whoever can make it plays.

I will also set the Tier of play. There are four tiers:

      1. Tier 1 – levels 1-3
      2. Tier 2 – levels 4-6
      3. Tier 3 – levels 7-9
      4. Tier 4 – levels 10+

If you have a character in that tier and want to play, then you say so and then recruit and discuss what you want to do and explore with other players.

Will I Like This Campaign?

I am not sure. If you like old school styles of play, then yes, you probably will.

If you like more linear story arcs and narative play, then maybe not.

If you like 5e’s power level and the idea that characters are super heroes first and foremost, or that the GM should fudge dice rolls to “make the story happen”, then this is probably not the game for you.

On the otherhand, if you like hex crawling and wilderness survival, and monsters who are monstrous, and discovering new places, and letting your actions in the game dictate story, then this is the campaign for you!

And you can sign up to play – simply complete the form below to let me know that you want to play. (You will join over 50 people who have already expressed interest!)

What’s Expected

I expect very little, but I do ask a few things from players:

      • If you play, you show up on time and you pay attention and contribute – no doing other things when playing
      • A brief summary of the session’s antics. Let other players know what happened and what you discovered (this will add a tremendous amount to the whole campaign). This could simply be dot points
      • Treat other players with respect

That’s it. For now. More information to come soon.

34 Replies to “West Marches Campaign”

  1. Always running to catch up, would love to join if possible. Been playing since the late 1980’s, with a break when kids came along. I took up the baton again 8 years ago, Dming and playing 5e initially (quite a leap from AD&D!) but slowly falling back to OSE and other systems like “Troika!”, Many Free League games and the totally offbeat “Bastards”.

    1. Hi Bill. I should add that info. I will be using Discord for voice and just Google Drive for any visuals needed. Keeping it simple.

  2. Yes! We went straight from Holmes to AD&D back in the day but OSE has really caught my attention and I’d love to be in a game!

    1. Hey Calvin

      I will add you to the list. It will be online so no issues with locations. I am in the AEST time zone but I will be playing games at various times.

    1. Hi Eric

      I am in the AEST time zine but I will be playing at various times to allow others from various timezones to play.

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