Five 1st-Level Spells In D&D Better Than Magic Missile

5 First Level Spells In D&D Better Than Magic Missile

In Dungeons & Dragons, wizards always seem to go for the flashy, damage-inducing spells.

But there are other spells that are way more effective (in various situation), and I feel, are way better than those flashy spells.

I want to try and expand your thinking when it comes to choosing your wizard’s spells. Or, to help you make do with the ones you randomly rolled.

I have broken this up into three editions of the game – OSE (Basic), D&D3e, and D&D5e – listing five from each edition.

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d12 Sites – Issue 5 – Haunted Tavern

d12 Sites Zine - Issue 5

Haunted Tavern is Issue 5 of d12 Sites, my location zine for Dungeons & Dragons.

d12 Sites is a zine that covers a new location you can drop anywhere in your own D&D campaign world.

Issue 5 is covers a haunted tavern. It features a rundown tavern in the centre of a city or town which is now given a wide birth from the locals as it is known to be haunted. Even the settlement’s officials seem to just ignore it.

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