A Simple Oracle For Solo Roleplaying

A Simple Oracle For Solo Roleplaying

Oracles are an essential part of solo roleplaying.

They fill in the role of GM to a large extent, throwing up additions to the evolving story as we probe and ask questions of the world and the events within.

There are a few well-known oracles that take up whole books, filled with tables and outcomes, but what I want to promote here is a very easy to use, and fast, oracle which is not only versatile, but also completely free.

It involves a simple D6.

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Solo RPG – 12 Reasons To Dive In

Solo RPG - 12 Reasons To Dive In

SoloRPG, or solo roleplaying, is gaining in popularity, especially among those who want to play Dungeons & Dragons

While table-top solo roleplaying may sound odd at first – I mean, the game was initially designed as a social activity – there are some excellent reasons why you may want to play solo. 

And solo roleplaying offers a unique and rewarding gaming experience that group sessions cannot give you. 

Here are 12 reasons to start solo RPG.

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My D&D Solo Roleplay Folder

My D&D Solo Roleplay Folder

Here are the resources I have in my ring-binder folder that I use whenever I solo roleplay.

I have added this over time and it is a combination of hand-written tables and tables and other information taken from various sources.

I have changed stuff to suit my own preferences and recommend you do this as well.

Hopefully this will get you started. Don’t be overwhelmed – just pick two or three of the references linked below and start from there.

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Simple Downtime Process Using A Word Generator

Downtime Process

With the thoughts of my easy word generator still ringing in my head, I thought I would put it to some use other than what I laid out in that blog post.

This time, I will use it to create a simple, yet useful, system you could use for any downtime you have between adventures.

In fact, you could easily generate mini-adventures using this system, as you will see.

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How I Solo Roleplay Dungeons And Dragons

How I Solo Roleplay Dungeons And Dragons

This will show you how I solo roleplay (or SoloRPG) my D&D campaign. 

Note, this is not an article on how you should solo roleplay, but simply how I do it. 

A lot of people solo roleplay, but they all have one thing in common: they play a different way. 

If you like the way I play and would like to do it the same way then great! Otherwise, you may find some useful tips to help you do it your way. 

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