Advertising Rates


You can now advertise in my flagship zine, d12 Monthly. Please read the following carefully and contact me via the form below.

Cost per ad:  US$50

This one-off rate includes a package, which includes the following ad spaces (all included in the one low price):

      • Colour ad in one issue of d12 Monthly zine
      • Colour ad on YUMDM website for one month (on home page & blog posts)
      • Colour ad in email sent out each month

These can all be the same sized ad (see below) to save you developing multiple ads.

Your ad will be the only ad shown for the month you book. 

Ad Specs

The ad should be a square ad, minimum size 680px X 680px (1080px X 1080px preferred). In JPG or PNG format. It can be colour or B&W.

Traffic & Fans

      • Monthly Zine Downloads: 866
      • Monthly Website Users: 2.1K
      • Monthly Page Visits: 6.9K
      • Email Subscribers: 800+ (50-60% open rate; 10-15% CTR)

All of these figures are averaged over the previous 6 months.


Demographic of website visitors and fans of the zine:

      • Live in the USA
      • English-speakers
      • Aged 18-34
      • Predominately male

Demographics for email subscriber:

      • Live in the USA
      • English-speaking
      • Aged 35+
      • Predominately male

Example Ad Placements


Example website ad



Example zine ad

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