d12 Monthly – Issue 15 – Menagerie Issue

d12 Monthly zine - Issue 15

Issue 15 of my Dungeons and Dragons zine is out!

Issue 15 is all about, well, lot’s of things. It will feature articles on combat manoeuvres, unusual magical weapons, how governments & rulers deal with spellcasters, lingering magical effects, and much more! (See below for details).

You can get issue 15 here: d12 Monthly – Issue 15 (Menagerie Issue) PDF

d12 Monthly Issue 15 Cover

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Issue 15 Contents

Issue 15 is jam-packed with a lot of content and contains the following feature articles:

Choose Your Weapon – This article gives you new rules for combat manoeuvres.

Uncommon Magical Weapons – Sick of giving out +1 swords? Try giving the PCs The Bright Blade or Night’s Strike instead.

How Governments Deal with Spellcasters – An article on how governments can control wayward spellcasters and certain magic schools.

Lingering Magic – A look at the residual lingering of spells and other magical effects.

And much more! 


Artists include: Gary Smith, Daniel Comerci, Zed Nope, Pawel Parol, and cover art by Dean Spencer

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4 Replies to “d12 Monthly – Issue 15 – Menagerie Issue”

  1. Nice take on the weapons manoeuvers.
    I was wondering why the 2-handed warhammer hasn’t the Sunder Manoeuver ?
    Cedric from France

    1. Thanks heaps, Cedric. If you feel the two-handed warhammer should have it, put it in. I believe I was 50-50 on it. 🙂

  2. I like the laws and magic casting angle. I’ve got general laws and etiquette for spellcasting in polite society and in the towns and cities, but not from a perspective of different magical schools.

    1. Thanks heaps, Delta. I think if you are going to have magic in the world there are going to be rules for it in various places. Glad you liked it.

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