The Demonic Rift – Web Enhancement

Web Enhancement - Demonic Rift

This is a Web Enhancement for Issue 29 (Planes & Demi-Planes)

The Demonic Rift stands as a nightmarish and perilous dimension, a realm where demons – the embodiment of malevolence – thrive. 

Accessible only through rare and treacherous means (see below), this sinister plane is shrouded in obscurity. Its very existence is a closely guarded secret among scholars and sages. 

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Web Enhancement – Necrodominus Codex

Web Enhancements - Necrodominus Codex

This is a web enhancement for Issue 28 of d12 Monthly

The Necrodominus Codex is an ancient tome which was created by a powerful and resourceful necromancer centuries ago.

It has been lost for a long time, but it has passed through many hands throughout the years since its creation. And it contains spells and rituals related to necromancy and the creation of undead.

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Web Enhancement – 12 Minor Magic Items For D&D

Web Enhancement - 12 Minor Magic Items For D&D

This is part of an on-going Web Enhancement series

In issue 25 of my Dungeons & Dragons zine, d12 Monthly, there is an article by Mike Pike on creating random minor magical items. You can find Issue 25 for free on this site.

It allows you to create some truly special mundane minor magic items for your PCs to find.

In this post I want to list 12 minor magic items I created separate of the table, just in case you don’t have time to roll up your own.

Hopefully you can use these minor magic items in your D&D campaigns.

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Web Enhancement – Deity of Musicians And Artists For D&D

Web Enhancement - Deity of Musicians And Artists For D&D

This is part of an on-going Web Enhancement series

As part of creating my own campaign world, where all my Dungeons & Dragons games are played, I have created 12 Major Deities. 

These are the main deities, but I also have fun adding minor deities using various techniques, but a great deal of them come from my players.

Every now and then however, I have the need to create another deity.

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Web Enhancement – Muses in D&D

Website Enhancement - Muses

Muses are beings who embody the arts, inspiration, and creative endeavours. 

They are considered the source of knowledge and inspiration for poets, musicians, artists, and other creative individuals. 

Traditionally, Muses were part of the Greek pantheon, but in Dungeons & Dragons, Muses can be sent by any of the deities to inspire their artistic followers granting them the ability to create their finest works. 

This can be a great way to reward bards, or other creative individuals, among your PCs. 

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