New D&D Zine Launching In April – Issue 0

d8 Monthly zine - issue 0

In April 2021, I am launching Issue 0 of a new Dungeons and Dragons zine, called d8 Monthly.

This is mostly a passion project, but it is also provides me with another channel to write about D&D and to give back to the community.

I loved the old Dragon magazines, and I miss reading printed magazines and books, and I wanted to recapture that by producing something others can enjoy.

This is why I am going to make this zine available as a downloadable PDF, but also a printed zine which is sent to you each and every month.

Issue 0 is, like a session 0, a bit of a test for you to see what I am putting together and also for me to get feedback on what you want to see.

It will be free to download, and I will let you know how to get a printed issue sent to you (there will be a small price attached to this).

The magazine is mainly put together by me, but I have already had some great contributions from Tale of the Manticore, Alex the Mapmaker, and HODAG RPG.

If you want to contribute for future issues, please reach out and contact me via Twitter.

I also wanted to use this blog to let you know when future editions are coming out and give you some sneak peaks when I can, so I will be adding an email service soon.

The first “Issue 0” is almost ready and here is a sneak peak of the cover.

d8 Zine Issue 0 Preview
Cover preview of Issue 0

This issue will have the following articles:

  • Oils Ain’t Oils – non-magical oils for adventurers
  • Twisted Encounter Table – a random encounter table for mountainous terrain
  • Shorthand Your NPCs – a way to write up and remember NPCs easily
  • Location, Location, Location – travel to the small town of Dolfar
  • Dramatis Personae – a closer look at an NPC who lives in Dolfar

Let me know what you think so far in the comments below.

While You’re Here…

Since 2021 I have been publishing d12 Monthly, a monthly zine, which has a ton of articles for any edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

Printed copies are available in my store. The PDF is available on DriveThruRPG and you can get both, plus support my work, via my Patreon.

I will also be releasing some more products in the near future.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or my contact page any time.

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  1. I just found out about this project and I’m very excited! I too miss these old magazines! The cover art looks dope! I’m especially looking forward to reading the encounter table as my party is about to be trekking through mountainous terrain, and your tips on remembering your NPCs, I often can’t keep them straight when I add too many! Can’t wait for this!

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