d12 Monthly – Issue 0

d12 Monthly zine - issue 0

The very first issue of d12 Monthly zine has a bunch of articles, including a stack of non-magical oils, a town for that new campaign you want to start, a mysterious NPC, and a super fast NPC creation guide (MAP).

d12 Monthly Issue 0 Cover

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Issue 0 Contents

This first issue contains the following:

Oils Ain’t Oils – An article about some special but non-magical oils for adventurers to use.

Corner Table – This article contains a random encounter table for mountainous terrain. Watch out for those Harpies! This was submitted by Tale of the Manticore.

Shorthand Your NPCs – An easy way you can add a little flavour to your NPCs and more easily remember them.

Dramatis Personae – We take a closer look at Quiss Wikman, the person who makes those oils from the first article. Although he does more than just make oils.

Location, Location, Location! – Finally, we look at the small town of Dolfar, which sits along the Snowmelt River. Home town to Quiss Wikman and many others. Complete with town map! Here is a larger version.

d8 Monthly Dolfar Alex Pepper
Town of Dolfar. Artist: Alex the Map Maker

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8 Replies to “d12 Monthly – Issue 0”

  1. Hey!! I am just in the process of starting RPGs with a group of friends and we’re playing Dungeon World (with D&D sprinkles) so far and it’s likely I am gonna be our forever GM (none of us have ever played before but we make it work!). I have been looking for some free zines to read because it interests me. (I will likely pay for magazines down the line, once we get a bit more into things).

    I have come across this one and I really like it! I’m just a bit confused about the “d8” and “d12” name. Is it the same zine or is there a difference? I started reading d8 monthly issue 1 and then found it mentions an isse 0, so I looked for it and found d12 monthy issue 0. Could you explain the two named of “d8” / “d12” to me? In what order to I read them best?

    1. Hey Benji

      First off, thanks heaps. I am glad you liked the zine. It started off as d8 Monthly but after the second issue I had to change the name due to copyright reasons. But I think d12 Monthly sounds better any way. 🙂 Good luck with your campaign and you have 12 issues of the zine to get through yet!

  2. I like it.

    I am not a d&d Veteran, so i have no idea of the short descriptions of the NPCs in letters not in words.

    Would be nice to give us beginners one short explaining in the beginning. Later a link is enough.

  3. Cover Art is brilliant, immediately takes me into that combat scene. I really like how the articles all interlink – you’ve given us a location with NPCs that can be dropped into a campaign setting no bother. The article on non-magical Oils is great – I will use this, more detail to the usual adventuring flask of oil, just my kind of thing. NPC shorthand tip is cute and Tale of The Manticore not only produces a fantastic podcast but a table with 20 encounters, all of which I’d use. Love it Russ, good work.

    1. Thanks heaps, Tyler. A lot of people seem to like the fact that the articles are interlinked. I will have to keep this up! 🙂

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