D12 Monthly – My D&D Zine

d12 Monthly Zine

d12 Monthly is my flagship product which is very much inspired by the Dragon magazines of old.

It is edition-agnostic and contains a lot of articles, and each issue is themed. Some of the past themes include: death, wilderness, dungeons, the underdark, combat, and many more.

They come out at the start of each month (earlier, if you are a patron on Patreon. or an email subscriber).

They range from 20 pages to 28 pages in length and have an average of 9-10 articles per issue.

You can find all of them on my zine page for free PDF downloads.

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You can also get physical copies mailed to you each month (full colour cover and black & white interior) if you are a patron.


D&3 Podcast Episode 1 – WorldBuilding


This is the first “fireside chat” podcast that I have put together and includes Ian from Black Dragon Games and Jon from Tale of the Manticore.

Featuring music by Squadda Bambino, as well as myself, Ian, and Jon answering D&D questions from the Twitter and Facebook TTRPG communities.

The theme was WorldBuilding and we managed to answer over a dozen question over an hour.

Listen and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on my Twitter.

Chat Breakdown

0:40 Introductions

1:45 Ian talks about playtesting his home campaign world, Bhakashal, and the  D&D rules that go along with it

4:45 How Ian from Balck Dragon Games organises his multiple campaigns

7:50 Question: How to get started – start big or small? Questions from Alexthe MapMaker, Saxious, and NolaBert.

21:30 Free material to help you run your games.

Simple Downtime Process Using A Word Generator

Downtime Process

With the thoughts of my easy word generator still ringing in my head, I thought I would put it to some use other than what I laid out in that blog post.

This time, I will use it to create a simple, yet useful, system you could use for any downtime you have between adventures.

In fact, you could easily generate mini-adventures using this system, as you will see.

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8 Takeaways From D20 Modern To Use In Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

8 Takeaways From D20 Modern To Use In Your D&D Campaign

If you are not familiar with D20 Modern, it is a system that came out at the height of the D20 boom in the 2000s, which was powered by D&D 3rd edition. 

Cashing in on the D20 craze, Wizard of the Coast released the D20 Modern around the same time as they released the D20 Star Wars RPG

I never got into D20 Modern at the time, although I did have a copy which I skimmed through, but I managed to grab one off on eBay recently, and found some gems in there. 

Here are my 8 take-aways from D20 Modern to use in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. 

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Grounded Fantasy

Grounded Fantasy

This (very short) post is my attempt to explain what fantasy I like the most: Grounded Fantasy.

Grounded Fantasy is fantasy that has one foot firmly planted on solid ground, and one firmly planted in fantasy.

There is magic, but it’s not over-powered. There is the fantastic, but it meshes with harsh reality.

But what do I mean by “grounded”?

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How I Do Experience Points And Leveling In D&D

How I Do Experience Points And Leveling In D&D

How I give out experience points and how PCs level up in my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. 

I have combined XP and levelling as they tend to go hand-in-hand.

First off, I am not a huge fan of experience points (XP) as they are written – in any edition of the game – for two main reasons:

  1. The calculations involved are onerous
  2. They reward certain behaviour

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