Question: Do you think Shadows can be moved by an attack that pushes or pulls them in a specific direction?

Short answer: No.

I would rule they can’t, unless the pushing or pulling was part of a spell or other magical effect.

It’s a good question for 5th edition, as past editions of D&D had a distinction between incorporeal undead and corporeal undead but 5th edition doesn’t have that same distinction.

So, Shadows were, in past editions, incorporeal.

Which would mean that they couldn’t be grappled or pushed, or have any other physical attack (unless magical) put upon them.

Having said all this, there are some rules that back up my ruling within 5th edition.

Shadows are immune to the Grappled condition and given this, I would infer they cannot be physically pushed around either.

As mentioned above, the only way I would rule they could be pushed or pulled is if the pulling or pushing is from a spell or other magical source.

If it’s just the barbarian or monk trying to shove them around, then no.

This was a question ask by Aidan, one of my players, who has also started DMing. If you have a question, then please hit me up on Twitter and ask.

Over to you. What do you think and would you have ruled the same way?

Gnomes – A New Take

Seeker Gnome

I hate gnomes.

Not the race themselves.

But the way D&D have dealt with them.

In 5th edition there are two versions: forest gnomes and rock gnomes (which are basically tinker gnomes).

I dislike both of these subtypes.

But, it’s not just the subtypes I dislike – there is a larger issue here.

D&D has never really decided where gnomes fit in.

And this issue has been prevalent throughout all editions of D&D, so I am not picking on 5th edition here.

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Being Creative Vs Rules – A Small Rant

Rules Vs Creativity

I am was a member of a lot of D&D groups and forums and one type of post comes up again and again.

It’s what I call the “Can I have…” post.

I see so many GMs posting on these forums “Can I have a vampire as a Patron for a Warlock?” Or “Is it possible for a Hill Giant to be a Wizard?”

I am not sure what these posters are actually looking for – whether it’s validation of their idea or permission to include these in their games.

Whatever the reason it strikes me as a contest of creativity vs. rules.

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How Would Nations And Governments View Wizard Schools

How nations view wizard schools

In this post I want to explore the Wizard class and how the various spell schools could impact your campaign world.

The Wizard class in 5th edition pushes the magic-user into specialising in a particular school at second level.

With this in mind I got to thinking about how each wizard and school would be perceived in the wider campaign world.

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Use Older Editions Of D&D As Past Eras In Your Campaign World

Using Old Editions As Eras

We all should know that Dungeons & Dragons has various editions that span five decades.

But what you may not know is that each edition has its own feel, vibe, and power level.

Generally speaking, with each edition (not including 4th) the power level of the game has increased.

In other words, characters (and monsters) start out and become more powerful much sooner.

What I would like to do in this post is explore the idea of past editions being past eras or epochs in your campaign world, rather than just older versions of the game you over-write.

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Skills In D&D 5TH Edition

Skills in D&D

Skills in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons are pretty limiting.

You get your allotted number of skills at first level, and they stay pretty static throughout the game; only really getting better when you level up and your proficiency bonus (slowly) increases.

I find this a little odd, given that in the real world a person can get better at a skill, and I don’t think it’s a great leap to think fantasy characters could as well.

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Using Random Encounter Tables To Add History To Your World

D&D Encounters

One thing that makes a lot of the great D&D world, like Forgotten Realms, so good is they a steeped in history.

And this history comes to life to such an extent that it impacts on current events.

This is something I have always liked and something I wanted to add to my new sandbox campaign world.

However, it can be difficult to come up with so much vivid history for your own world. Or you may be too worried about what is happening now to give it much thought.

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