Five 2nd-Level Spells In D&D Better Than Web

Five 2nd-Level Spells In D&D Better Than Web

We all know the Web spell is the go-to spell for 3rd-level mages all over. It is a versatile spell and can deal with a lot of weak opponents. But there are better spells out there.

This is a follow-up to my post, Five 1st-Level Spells In D&D Better Than Magic Missile.

As in that post, I will list five spells from OSE/Basic, and D&D3e, that are better than Web.

OSE (Basic D&D)

My five 2nd-level spells better than Web in OSE:

      1. Continual Light – A light source that never runs out? A god-send (literally for clerics!) for the dungeon delver. You can carry a stone around with you that you can light up the room or keep hidden if you want to hide. And, like Light before it, it can be use offensively, blinding opponents. The reverse of the spell – continued darkness is also a handy one!
      2. ESP – This is one powerful spell. For 2 hours you can read people’s thoughts and understand them even if you do not speak their language. A nice alternative for Comprehend Languages. Even in a dungeon this can be useful. Imagine sneaking up on a group of orcs and being able to understand what they are planning.
      3. Phantasmal Force – You can fool an enemy with this spell in many ways: attacking enemies that are not there, a fake avalanche, or changing an entire chamber (up to 20-ft cubed). This is one of those spells that allows players to really flex their imagination.
      4. Detect Evil – Never be fooled again! Not sure about an NPC you just met? Or how about the prince? Or even those little creatures in the dungeon who seem ever so eager to help? Combine with ESP above for maximum knowledge gleaning.
      5. Mirror Image – An amazingly good defensive spell. If you do find yourself in a spot of bother, then cast this and you have D4 chances to survive any attacks. You could also use this together with number 3 above to make it seem like a whole party of characters are there.

Dungeons & Dragons 3e

My five 2nd-level spells better than Web in D&D3e:

      1. Fog Cloud – Need a quick escape? This is my go-to spell. It’s also a great one to hide the caster from ranged weapons and pesky melee fighters who want to chop. It can also look pretty intimidating if used creatively.
      2. Summon Monster II – Summon a 2nd level creature or D3 1st-level ones. And if you think this spell is just for combat, you aren’t thinking creatively enough. But even in combat, summoned monsters can decide a battle by giving flanking bonuses, a rogue a much-needed sneak attack, or just to cause distractions , or save the wizard from melee combat.
      3. Flaming Sphere – A rolling, moveable burning ball of fire that I control and can move all over the battlefield or down narrow corridors? Yes, please! Another spell, that if you are just using for combat, you aren’t thinking creatively enough.
      4. Spectral Hand – Okay, this is only really super useful when you have a lot of touch spells, but if you do, this is the one you want. Deliver a touch spell from range by a creepy, disembodied, spectral hand – even the sight of this alone could cause lesser enemies to turn tail and run! And it is super hard to hit!
      5. Rope Trick – What if I could tell you about a spell that let you disappear into a safe space for hours on end, away from your enemies. Impossible at low levels? Nope! Rope Trick is your spell. With a minimum of a 3-hour duration, you can hide up to 8 people into an extra-dimensional space while you heal, rest, or regain your spells; and your enemies cannot touch you.

I have not included a 5e version of spells in this article as I no longer support the current version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Over to You

Which spells do you like the best? Let me know in the comments below.

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