d12 Monthly – Issue 29 – Planes & Demi-Planes

Issue 29 of my Dungeons and Dragons zine, d12 Monthly, is out!

Issue 29 is the Planes & Demi-Planes issue. It will feature articles on a new planescape, the elemental planes, the astral plane, creating your own planes, the spirit plane, and much more! (See below for details).

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Here is a list of past issues of d12 Monthly that you may find compliments this issue:

Issue 5 covers divine magic and priests, and is directly related to this issue.

Issue 2 is focused on death, and there are a few articles in there that may be relevant: Ullarl: A New Deity, and Spirited Away, which gives you some insight on the Spirit Plane.

Issue 6 is the undead issue and features articles on The Spirit World, and The Umbra, a new Demi-Plane.

Issue 14 is all about fey, and has an article called Places of Glamour and
Peril, which focuses on the many fey realms.

Past Issues

Free past issues are also available.

Issue 29 Contents

Issue 29 is the Planes & Demi-Planes issue, and includes a great deal of original content.

FREE Version

The FREE version contains the following articles:

Navigating the Planes: A guide to the planar geography in my own campaign. Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own.

The Planar Nexus: A GM’s toolkit to help them create their own planescape.

Clouds & Dirt: A tour of the elemental planes, featuring all four elements, including their physical characteristics, inhabitants, laws of reality, and planar features.

The Bhakashal Spell Book: a deep look into a new spellbook for AD&D by Dr Ian J Slater of Black Dragon Games.

Realm of the Divine: A tour of the Astral Plane. One of the most difficult to reach, and home of the gods. Featuring the geography, access, and navigation of this strange plane. It also includes two adventure hooks to get your PCs there.

Ghostly Adventures: Journeying into the Spirit Plane. This plane is where souls initially go after death and is connected to the Material Plane by various points, including haunted places.

FULL Version

The FULL Version also contains the following articles:

The Shadow Plane: Like the Spirit Plane above, the Shadow Plane is connected to the Material Plane and is a dark and shadowy image of it. Learn its geography, how to travel the plane, and those who live there (including templates).

Demi-Planes: Small pockets of reality within the Ethereal Plane, Demi-Planes can be whatever the creator desires. The article shows you three new Demi-Planes to add to your campaign: The Verdant Plane, The Echoing Library, and The Emberforge.

Negative & Positive Energy Planes: Describes these planes and makes it clear they are not to be travelled to.

Kids Corner: This is a new addition for d12 Monthly and showcases kid’s fantasy art.


Want to feature in the zine in an upcoming issue? Feel free to contact me via Twitter and let me know what you want to contribute.


Artists include: Cover art by Lore Wise Games. Other art by AlextheMapMaker, Dean Spencer, Kimagu, and by Dee Dee (Kids Corner). 

Over to You

What did you think of the issue? Any favourite articles? Feel free to leave any feedback on this issue in the comments below! 🙂

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