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Web Enhancement - Demonic Rift

This is a Web Enhancement for Issue 29 (Planes & Demi-Planes)

The Demonic Rift stands as a nightmarish and perilous dimension, a realm where demons – the embodiment of malevolence – thrive. 

Accessible only through rare and treacherous means (see below), this sinister plane is shrouded in obscurity. Its very existence is a closely guarded secret among scholars and sages. 

The Demonic Rift Unveiled

The Demonic Rift exists as a chaotic, ever-shifting realm that defies the laws of nature as mortals understand them. 

It is a nightmarish amalgamation of barren wastelands, seething lava flows, twisted forests, and sprawling abyssal cities, all fused together in a macabre tapestry of torment. 

The sky above is a maelstrom of swirling darkness, pierced by jagged bolts of infernal lightning and choked by ashen clouds.

The terrain of the Demonic Rift is treacherous, with jagged peaks and bottomless chasms, where the very ground seems to writhe and contort with malice. 

Rivers of molten lava snake through the landscape, and oppressive heat hangs in the air, making it nearly unbearable for mortals. 

Sinister flora and fauna, warped by demonic influence, eke out an existence amidst the desolation.

Accessing the Demonic Rift

Accessing the Demonic Rift is an endeavour fraught with peril. 

Mortals who seek entry to this accursed realm must employ dark and forbidden methods, often involving the use of malevolent artefacts or occult rituals. 

Four known ways to access the Demonic Rift include:

Infernal Artefacts

Certain cursed or malevolent artefacts hold the power to open rifts to the Demonic Rift. 

These artefacts are typically coveted by cults and dark mages, who seek to harness the demonic forces for their own nefarious purposes. 

Acquiring one of these artefacts is a dangerous task, as they are often guarded by powerful entities or hidden in remote, haunted locations.

Dark Pacts

Desperate individuals may make unholy pacts with demonic entities, offering their souls or committing heinous acts in exchange for passage to the Demonic Rift. 

Such pacts are fraught with peril, as demons are notorious for twisting their agreements to serve their own interests. 

Once the bargain is sealed, the individual may be transported to the rift, but they do so at great personal cost.

Cursed Runes and Inscriptions

Occult symbols and inscriptions, when arranged in specific patterns or recited with dark incantations, can open rifts to the Demonic Rift. 

These runes are often etched into ancient tomes or inscribed on forbidden altars hidden in remote locations. 

Those who decipher and use these runes risk their sanity and their very souls.

Demonic Invocations

Powerful spellcasters, particularly warlocks, may delve into the forbidden arts of demonic invocation. By mastering profane rituals and invoking demonic names, they can summon portals to the Demonic Rift. 

However, this path is fraught with danger, as demons are unpredictable and may demand steep prices for their cooperation. 

Art by Dean Spencer

Navigating the Demonic Rift

Once within the Demonic Rift, survival becomes a constant struggle against the hostile environment and the malevolent entities that dwell within. 

Navigating this chaotic realm requires not only physical prowess but also unwavering resolve. Key aspects of traversing the Demonic Rift include the following: 

Demonic Hierarchy

The Demonic Rift is home to a bewildering array of demon types, each with its own unique abilities and hierarchies. 

Demons may vary from lowly imps and lesser fiends to powerful demon lords and princes. Knowledge of demon lore is essential for identifying and dealing with these entities.

Environmental Hazards

The terrain of the Demonic Rift is riddled with dangers, from toxic fumes to searing heat and treacherous terrain. 

Travellers must be well-prepared, with appropriate gear and protective enchantments, to withstand the rigours of the environment.

Psychic Torment

The Demonic Rift has a malevolent sentience that seeks to torment and corrupt those who traverse it. 

Travellers may experience terrifying visions, psychic attacks, or overwhelming despair. Mental fortitude and strong willpower are essential for resisting these insidious assaults.

Demon Cults and Factions

The Demonic Rift is not a monolithic realm. It is divided into various territories controlled by different demon lords and factions. 

Understanding the political dynamics and power struggles among these factions can be crucial for survival, as alliances and rivalries shift like quicksilver.

Escaping the Abyss

Leaving the Demonic Rift is often more challenging than entering it. 

Demons are known for their cunning, and they are loath to allow outsiders to escape their clutches. Escaping the Demonic Rift may require the following:

A Pact with a Demon

Some individuals forge pacts with demons to secure their safe passage out of the rift.

However, these pacts often come at a great cost, and the demon may exact a steep price or hold the individual’s soul in thrall.

Locating a Portal

Hidden portals or rifts scattered throughout the Demonic Rift may provide an exit. 

Finding one of these portals is a perilous endeavour, as it may involve navigating demon-infested territory or overcoming fiendish traps.

Powerful Magic

Powerful spells or magical artefacts with planar travel capabilities can offer a means of escape. 

These methods require a deep understanding of magic and access to rare resources.

Divine Intervention

In desperate cases, divine beings or powerful entities opposed to demons may intervene to aid mortals trapped within the rift. 

Such interventions are rare and may come with their own set of obligations or consequences. 

Final Thought

Mortals who dare to enter this perilous dimension do so at their own peril, for the Demonic Rift is a realm where survival is uncertain, and the forces of evil hold sway. 

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