Cultural Weapon – Centaur Great Bow

Cultural Weapons - Centaur Great Bow

Centaurs roam open plains and make their home near forests and woodland so they can take advantage of the hunting available there.

The primary weapon used by centaurs while hunting, and while protecting themselves, is their great bow.

This bow is similar to the longbow (or war bow), but is larger and more powerful. 

It is a large composite war bow, which can deal devastating wounds in the hands of centaurs. Other races who try to use the centaur great bow must have a minimum STR of 16 to use it properly (otherwise a -4 to hit and damage penalty applies). 

Great Bow

Centaur Great Bow

The Centaur Great Bow is a bow reaching 7-ft in length and delivers arrows with great power.

Weapon Damage Damage Type Range Weapon Tags*
Centaur Great Bow^ 2D6 P 150-ft Awkward, Obvious, Two-Handed

^ The centaur great bow is a large martial weapon 
* These are repeated below, but you can find them and others in Issue 16 of d12 Monthly zine. 

Weapon Tags

Awkward: The weapon is heavy or difficult to carry. It may not be used in tight confines (5-ft or less). 

Obvious: This weapon cannot be hidden or concealed. 

Two-Handed: Requires both hands; the wielder cannot use a shield or a second weapon. 

Special Ability

Knockdown: If damage done is 7 or greater by a Centaurs’ Great Bow, a medium or smaller target must make a STR test (DC equal to 5 + Damage taken, or roll under STR with a -4 penalty). If they fail, they are knocked prone. 

Great Bow Creation

Centaurs make these bows themselves and have mastered the art over generations. They do not share the techniques, or the bows, with outsiders. Even going so far as reclaiming lost bows from fallen comrades. 

Centaurs grow up learning how to make their great bows, spending up to 4 years choosing the wood and then working it to make the perfect bow for them. It is a right of passage for centaurs to make their own bow. 

Some are so well made they are masterwork weapons

The bow itself is made from whatever local wood is available, but yew, ash, and elm are preferred. Sometimes bone or horn are also used for decoration.

Arrows are made from cedar, pine, or spruce, or other local trees, and have feathers and markings that make it clear which clan they belong to. 


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  1. The orcs and ogres of the Thundering Mountains that attempt to sneak into the Elven Forest of Silverleaf have to cross the open hills and grasslands of the Windmane Clan (Centaurs). They are going to learn to fear the centaur bow.

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