Website Enhancement – Using Alignments to Add Character to D&D Cities

Website Enhancement - Using Alignments to Add Character to D&D Cities

A web enhancement for d12 Monthly, Issue 23 (Cities & Towns).

Sometimes articles get cut from the final issue for a number of reasons, so I have decided to include them as bonus web content. Enjoy! 

Alignments in Dungeons & Dragons cause a lot of consternation and there is a lot of disagreements on how to use them, with some companies jettisoning them altogether.

And I do tend to agree that the nine point alignment system used in AD&D, and all editions since, when used on a personal level, isn’t the best.

It’s the D&D equivalent of horoscopes – trying to group everyone into 12 star signs.

However, there are areas where these alignments can be useful.

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Web Enhancement – More Trees & Their Resources

Web Enhancement - Trees & Their Resources

A web enhancement for d12 Monthly, Issue 22 (Forests & Jungles).

This post is an extension of the Bountiful Harvest article in issue 22, which lists a number of trees and the resources they provide. Enjoy! 

I couldn’t possible have listed all of the trees in the zine and I had to cut many that I wanted to include. Below is a list of three more trees and the resources they provide.

These can be used to add a little more realism and flavour to your campaign world; and to give druids, rangers, elves, and other nature types something to use for character building.

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Cultural Weapons – Dwarven Fighting Dagger

Cultural Weapons – Dwarven Fighting Daggers

This is the first of an on-going series I am writing for the blog on cultural weapons. These will feature a twist on regular weapons in D&D or brand new ones. 

Mountain Dwarves usually fight in their often cramped tunnels and chambers that make up the mountain dwarven empire under the Dragonspine Mountain. 

Due to these cramped conditions, mountain dwarves often use spears, shortswords, daggers, and crossbows (as opposed to giant axes and warhammers their surface cousins tend to use). 

One of these weapons is the Dwarven Fighting Dagger. 

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Encounter Table Design For DnD

I have written about how good Dungeons & Dragons random encounter tables are before, both in this blog and in issue 7 of my zine

In this post I want to respond in a way to a video I watched where the host was explaining how bell-curve random tables are not truly random and shouldn’t be used. A single die with a way to roll higher than the max would be better. 

I both agree and disagree with this notion. 

It all comes down to what you want to get out of the table and what area in your campaign world the table is for. 

Let’s dive into it. 

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D&3 Podcast Episode 1 – WorldBuilding


This is the first “fireside chat” podcast that I have put together and includes Ian from Black Dragon Games and Jon from Tale of the Manticore.

Featuring music by Squadda Bambino, as well as myself, Ian, and Jon answering D&D questions from the Twitter and Facebook TTRPG communities.

The theme was WorldBuilding and we managed to answer over a dozen question over an hour.

Listen and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on my Twitter.

Chat Breakdown

0:40 Introductions

1:45 Ian talks about playtesting his home campaign world, Bhakashal, and the  D&D rules that go along with it

4:45 How Ian from Balck Dragon Games organises his multiple campaigns

7:50 Question: How to get started – start big or small? Questions from Alexthe MapMaker, Saxious, and NolaBert.

21:30 Free material to help you run your games.