Web Enhancement – New Monster – Ahool

Web Enhancement - Ahools

A web enhancement for d12 Monthly, Issue 21 (Hills & Mountains). Sometimes articles get cut from the final issue for a number of reasons, so I have decided to include them as bonus web content. Enjoy! 

This one is mentioned in the random tables on page 13, but the creature was cut due to space. I have included it here as I was asked about it. 


Ahools are a bat-primate mix, having large crimson, bat-like wings. With a wingspan of approximately 22-ft, it appears much bigger than it is.

The creature is covered in grey fur, has large dark eyes, flat facial features except for its snout, and large claws on its forearms.

It is named after the sound it makes: a A-hool or ahOOOoool.

It is a carnivore, but usually dines on large fish, but is not adverse to attacking any being that enters its territory, especially opportunistically.

It tends to inhabit deep within rainforests or jungles, but can also sometimes be found in hilly regions covered with light woods.

It tends to be a problem for human and other settled races when they encroach upon its territory through logging or exploration.

They are often found in cave networks which house regular and giant bats.


Medium Beast
Climate/Terrain: Temperate to warm forests or jungles, and wooded hills
Frequency: Rare
Organisation: Singular, Pair, Cloud (D4+4), or Colony (4D4+8)
Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Carnivore
Alignment: Neutral
Advancement: By size (increase HD)
Languages: None known

Armour Class: 14 (Natural armour + DEX)
Hit Dice (HP): 2 (10)
Move: 30-ft (12”), Fly: 30-ft (12”)
Abilities: S 14 C 10 D 12 I 4 W 9 Ch 8
Attacks: 1 x Bite or 2 x Claws
Damage: D6+1 (Bite) or D4+1 (Claws)
Morale: Average (Strong if defending its territory)

Special Abilities:

Sonar: Like a bat, the Ahool detects prey by sending out sound waves that only it can detect. It can therefor “see” in darkness up to 120-ft.

Swoop: An Ahool can swoop a target in complete silence. It surprises targets on a 4 in 6 (or +4 to any stealth checks).

Grasp: It is strong enough to pick up any creature at least one size smaller than itself. When swooping (see above), and it hits with both claws, it automatically grapples the target and can lift it into the air.

Over to You

Do you think you will use the Ahool in your next session? What would happen if the PCs stumble into a colony over them?


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