Examples Of The Common Sense Test In Action

Examples Of The Common Sense Test In Action

I have been getting some feedback on my last article around making adjudications and using what I like to call the Common Sense test when making them.

Basically, the common sense test boils down to you asking yourself ‘does this make sense?’

And if it does, all good. But if it doesn’t then you are within your rights to change it. Or even disallow it.

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Skills In D&D 5TH Edition

Skills in D&D

Skills in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons are pretty limiting.

You get your allotted number of skills at first level, and they stay pretty static throughout the game; only really getting better when you level up and your proficiency bonus (slowly) increases.

I find this a little odd, given that in the real world a person can get better at a skill, and I don’t think it’s a great leap to think fantasy characters could as well.

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