D&3 Podcast Episode 1 – WorldBuilding


This is the first “fireside chat” podcast that I have put together and includes Ian from Black Dragon Games and Jon from Tale of the Manticore.

Featuring music by Squadda Bambino, as well as myself, Ian, and Jon answering D&D questions from the Twitter and Facebook TTRPG communities.

The theme was WorldBuilding and we managed to answer over a dozen question over an hour.

Listen and let us know what you think in the comments below, or on my Twitter.

Chat Breakdown

0:40 Introductions

1:45 Ian talks about playtesting his home campaign world, Bhakashal, and the  D&D rules that go along with it

4:45 How Ian from Balck Dragon Games organises his multiple campaigns

7:50 Question: How to get started – start big or small? Questions from Alexthe MapMaker, Saxious, and NolaBert.

21:30 Free material to help you run your games.

4 Replies to “D&3 Podcast Episode 1 – WorldBuilding”

  1. Good to hear another teacher/DM, like me. I think there are clear, obvious areas of overlap between the two. I must one day make my DMing and preparation as efficient, confident and quick as my teaching and teaching prep.
    An interesting listen (and exciting to hear twitter folks I interact with asking questions): thank you.

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