d12 Monthly – Issue 31 – Tales of Argosa

d12 Monthly – Issue 31 – Tales of Argosa

Issue 31 of my Dungeons and Dragons zine, d12 Monthly, is out!

Issue 31 is the Tales of Argosa issue. It will feature articles on my favourite parts of ToA, a new race (half-giant), a new class (the healer), low fantasy adventure locations, an interview with the creator, and much more! (See below for details).

d12 Monthly Issue 31 FULL Version Cover

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Tales of Argosa

Find more information on Tales of Argosa TTRPG over on Pickpocket Press’ website.

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Here is a list of past issues of d12 Monthly that you may find compliments this issue:

Issue 27 is all about random encounters and would be very useful for the emergent play style that Tales of Argosa aims for.

Issue 16 offers you a guardroom full of weapons and some low-fantasy natural weapons, as well as new rules for them.

Issue 7 is all about travelling in the wilderness and while some of the rules for travel are similar to ToA, but you may still get some useful additions from it.

Past Issues

Free past issues are also available.

Issue 31 Contents

Issue 31 is the Tales of Argosa issue, and includes a great deal of original content.

FREE Version

The FREE version contains the following articles:

Tales of Argosa: An Introduction – this one-page article gives an easy to disgust overview of Tales of Argosa and what you can expect. Plus a few handy links for more information.

A Half-Dozen Gems – The six things I find absolutely brilliant with Tales of Argosa.

One Gamer’s Review – A review of ToA from a fan and indie content producer (of Low Fantasy Gaming: Class Toolkit Compendium). This article is by Brad from Goblin Scribe Gaming.

Bag of Holding – Another article by Brad from Goblin Scribe Gaming. This contains a bunch of magic items, class toolkits, and unique features.

A Natural Classic – This is a new class for Tales of Argosa: the Healer. The healer is build to be a support character with a lot of options.

What Do I Do, Drink It? – This article has a list of curative brews and other compounds useable by the Healer (see above) and anyone else with the Apothecary skill.

Behind The Scenes – This is an interview with Steve, from Pickpocket Press and creator of Low Fantasy Gaming, Lowlife 2090, and Tales of Argosa.

I also did a similar interview with Jon from Tale of the Manticore in Issue 27 (Random Encounters) and Simon from From Legend of the Bones in Issue 30 (Deities & Demi-Gods).

The Last Roll – This is a new feature for d12 Monthly: a short story. This one is by Scout Prior.

FULL Version

The FULL Version also contains the following articles:

The Bigger They Are… The Harder They Smash – A new race: the Half-Giant.

No Rest for the Wicked – Some new downtime activities to keep your characters active between adventures.

It’s Magic, But Not As You Know It – Low-Magic magical weapons for a low fantasy game.

Where Did You Come From? – More backgrounds for your character. After all, we all came from somewhere.

On Location – 16 Unique locales for low-fantasy adventures.

The Bonelight Cavern – An introductory adventure location that features some bandits with a twist.

Indie Spotlight – I spotlight two indie TTRPG products that really made an impact with me.


Want to feature in the zine in an upcoming issue? Feel free to contact me via Twitter and let me know what you want to contribute.


Artists include: Cover art by Hampus Flink. Other art by ManStudio, and Dean Spencer

Over to You

What did you think of the issue? Any favourite articles? Feel free to leave any feedback on this issue in the comments below! 🙂

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