Free Table-Top Roleplaying Games

Free Roleplaying Games On DriveThruRPG

There are so many free table-top roleplaying games (TTRPGs) on DriveThruRPG.

So many, in fact, I thought I would list a few so you can check them out.

This will save you dollars and also help out the creator in spreading the word about their game. This Free Roleplaying Games listing is a way to bring table-top roleplaying to everyone, no matter how wealthy (or not) they are.

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d12 Sites – Issue 3 – Well of Souls

d12 Sites zine - Issue 3

Well of Souls is Issue 3 of d12 Sites, my location zine for Dungeons & Dragons.

d12 Sites is a zine that covers a new location you can drop anywhere in your own D&D campaign world.

Issue 3 is covers the Well of Souls. It features an ancient well that is used to store the bodies of those who are forgotten. But there is a secret to the Well of Souls that not even the Keepers of Souls know. Can the PCs figure out this secret before they succumb to it!?

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