Tracking My Success – Metrics From 2021 And How I Track Them

How I Track My Success

Tracking my success is important to me.

2021 was a good year for YUMDM, even though the world around me (and many others) seemed to be closing in.

For starters, I launched my D&D zine, launched a Patreon, and also have some goals going into 2022.

But, to know how far you have come you need to be able to track your success (and failures).

One way to do this is to track some important metrics.

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Reaction Rolls in Dungeons & Dragons

Reaction Rolls

Reaction rolls are an old school mechanic in D&D that allows you to determine how an NPC or monster will react to the PCs. 

This mostly forgotten mechanic (at least in the modern game) was a core rule in earlier versions of the game (OSR). 

When the party came upon a random encounter with intelligent monsters, and the party decided to parley with them instead of attacking them, the GM would then roll a reaction check for the monsters. 

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The D6 Mechanic for D&D And Other TTRPGs

The D6 Mechanic

What’s going to happen?

Let the simple D6 Mechanic decide for you.

This simple mechanic will allow you to add in some randomness to your Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

Instead of making decisions all the time, let the die decide for you.

All you have to do is decide on the odds.

A simple mechanic like the D6 Mechanic can be used at the table within seconds. 

Let’s look at an example.

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