The OGL And My d12Monthly Zine

OGL and d12 Monthly

As you may be aware, my zine uses the current 1.0a OGL from Wizards of the Coast.

I will be, starting in the next issue (Issue 20), no longer using the OGL.

This will change the content of my d12 Monthly zine a little, but given 80% of it was original ideas, adventure locations, and generic rule mechanics, I don’t think it will have a huge impact.

I am really sad to say this, to be honest.

I have relied on the OGL as a bit of a safety net, and also to link it to a great game (well, pre-4e any way), and a great community.

But those days are over.

WotC have made it pretty clear what they think of their fans and indie creators (who have promoted and improved D&D for over 20 years), and so, even if they decide to leave the current OGL as is (which I doubt will happen), the damage has been done and they have shown their true face.

A face I care not to look upon any longer.

This will mark a new chapter for d12Monthly as I am working on my own TTRPG, which will feature in the zine once I have it developed.

I am excited for the future of Table-Top Roleplaying Games, and the future of other independent creators.

I look forward to bringing you more and more creative content for your fantasy roleplaying game.


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