All character will start at 1st level at the beginning of the campaign. Characters can be pre-made prior to a session.

This will allow players to get to know their characters and their abilities. This will also allow the campaign to grow and expand in a more organic way.

This means that all sessions will be Tier 1 games to start, until characters reach 4th level.

Characters can be made from the Advanced Player’s Tome of OSE.

There are no race as class – all characters will have a race and a class.

Any race is available except the following:

      • Drow
      • Duergar
      • Svirfneblin

All classes are available (except race-as-class, or course).

You can find my house rules and any additional rules in this Google Doc.


One thing that bugs me is when players give their characters normal names (like Bob) or silly names (like Weiner) just to be fun/funny. That won’t fly in my campaign, so when naming your character please come up with a fantasy-sounding name. There are plenty of fantasy name generators out there.


Roll 3D6 for each ability and choose where you want to place them. This can be done in the Discord Server under Ability Rolling channel.

Hit Points

These are roll for each level, including first. Roll these on the Discord Server in the Ability Rolls channel.

Secondary Skills

Choose or roll to determine your secondary skill. List as per OSE.


Beginning spells for any arcane spellcaster will be randomly determined by the GM. Spellcasters are free to research other spells and, of course, find them while adventuring.

Time will be tracked carefully during the campaign and so a spellcaster may be too busy researching to adventure. This is true of other characters with any downtime activity.

Material components will also be tracked via a dice mechanic, which will make it easy to track and also allow spellcasters to use exotic and rare material components to augment spells.

You can find rules for this in Issue 4 of my D&D zine, d12 Monthly.


Rate of advancement, levels, and XP are covered elsewhere.

Multiple Characters

It is recommeded players make up several character who know each other, however loosely. Any characters can be played and the player is free to choose from their stable of character on any partiocular mission.


Equipment will be tracked and each player needs to keep track of what they have and where. This will be done via slot-based rules, which you can find in Issue 7 of my D&D zine, d12 Monthly.