Town Of Longhope

The Town of Longhope

This is a small town. Typical of the stout hin (halflings) towns dotted along the eastern side of the Dragonspine Mountains. 

The town sits in the foothills at the base of the mountains. In fact, it sits on top of one of the hills with three walls surrounding it – one at the base of the hill, one half-way up, and one surrounding the top of the hill. 

Town guards patrol between the walls with their trained weasels, who can detect by scent. 

The town is well protected from the evil and chaotic denizens of the mountains, and the strange creatures that sometimes come from the Great Unexplored Wilderness to the east. 

While most of the buildings in the town are sized for the small folk, a growing tent city has started in an open field inside the city proper. This is being fueled by visiting  “tall folk” after hearing rumours about the riches to be made from this new unexplored land.