Web Enhancement – Ogres

Web Enhancement - Ogres

A web enhancement for d12 Monthly, Issue 21 (Hills & Mountains). Sometimes articles get cut from the final issue for a number of reasons, so I have decided to include them as bonus web content. Enjoy! 

Ogres have been mistaken for giants for a millennia or more. Just because they are giant in size, does not make them giants in nature. 

Bred for the First Great Wars, ogres have been a scourge of civilised races ever since. Bred from human and orc stock by The Crazed Mage at the height of the wars, they filled their role during the wars well.

After the wars were over, the ogres were scattered to the four winds, left to their own devices. Over the centuries, they have mutated further into various breeds. 

Ogre Variants

Over the generations, a few new varieties have started being reported.

Battle Ogre

These are the standard ogres (if that term can be used) that most unfortunate people encounter. They were built for battle and continue their reign of terror on the unsuspecting. 

See Monster Mash article in Issue 10 of d12 Monthly for a list of alternate traits for Ogres. 

Skin Ogre

Skin Ogres were part of the early experiments created for the First Great Wars. These beasts were driven insane by the process and were quickly abandoned as they were too crazy to control. 

Unfortunately, they have bred and live on (although much rarer than the standard type of ogre). 

They have a habit of pulling their skin back and securing it with pins and nails to make themselves look even more fierce and crazed to enemies. 

They also have a habit of flaying the skin of dead opponents and patching it onto themselves. With so many victim’s skin patches covering them, some skin ogres end up looking like undead to the untrained. 


Skin Ogres are the same as regular ogres with the following additions:

Fear Aura: Their horrid appearance makes even the strong of heart think twice. Anyone who comes within 30-ft of a Skin Ogre must make a moderate WIS save (or save vs. Fear) or be shaken (-2 to all attacks and damage). If they fail the save by 5 or more, they flee for 2D4 rounds.

Frenzy: Due to their psychological instability, Skin Ogres can enter into a frenzied state after being wounded for the first time (take any amount of damage from an attack). While in a frenzy, Skin Ogres gain an additional attack each round, and gain a +2 dodge bonus to their AC as they convulse and jerk around. This lasts for D4 rounds and after this, the Skin Ogre is fatigued.


These intelligent ogres are as skilled with magic as more civilised races are. They pull magical studies from hags, witches, and regular mages, combining them into an inconsistent magical mess. 

It works however, and these devious spellcasters often lead lesser ogres and other vicious humanoids. They lust after magical knowledge and treasures, and often send their underlings to go in search of them. 

Ogre Mage Spell List

These spells are taken from the OSE Advanced Player’s Tome. Feel free to add to these from other sources.

Choose 6 spells from below, which the Ogre Mage can use 1/day. You can also select them randomly, rolling a D6 for spell level and then the appropriate die type to determine the spell.

Level 1
Charm Person
Protection from Good
Read Languages

Level 2
Detect Good
Locate Object
Mirror Image

Level 3
Dispel Magic
Protection from Good, 10-ft Radius
Protection from Normal Missiles
Water Breathing

Level 4
Charm Monster
Dimension Door
Growth of Plants
Polymorph Other
Polymorph Self
Wizard Eye

Level 5
Animate Dead
Conjure Elemental
Hold Monster
Magic Jar

Level 6
Anti-Magic Shell
Control Weather
Death Spell

Example Ogre-Mage

Karast Bonebreaker is an Ogre-Mage who lives on the northern edge of Bloodwood. He has a number of minions including battle ogres, orcs, and a handful of goblins. He has also used his charm monster ability to have some unique local guards.

He lives in a half-flooded cave network, which houses himself, his minions, and his growing wealth; which he sends out his mixed band to rob and pillage from surrounding settlements and passing merchant caravans.

Armour Class: 14 (Natural armour + DEX)
Hit Dice (HP): 6 (34)
Move: 30-ft (12”)

Abilities: S 18 C 14 D 10 I 15 W 11 Ch 12
Attacks: 1 x Weapon (Two-handed Sword)
Damage: D10+4
Morale: High

Special Abilities: 

Can cast the following spells once per day: Charm Monster, Feeblemind, Locate Object, Polymorph Other, Water Breathing, and Wizard Eye.

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  1. Very well done, I like the spell list for the Ogre Mage. They are already so formidable and tweaking their spells is very underhanded.

  2. Love the variation, keeps the players on their toes when they think it is just going to be the same old…Great stuff.

  3. These are great! I especially like the ogre-mage. I now want to make an ogre-mage NPC who has survived since the Great War and just wants to be left alone. Depending on how the party approaches he could be a knowledgeable ally or a savage foe. This post really got my creative juices flowing.

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