d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 7 (Wilderness) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 7 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content (28 pages worth!) and contains the following feature articles:

Slotting In - A new slot-based encumbrance system.

Equip Yourself - Mundane equipment that could just save your life!

Weapon Spotlight - This time we take a look at the spear.

Oh, The Places You Will Go - New wilderness travel rules for your campaign.

Setting Up Camp - Everyone has a job to do.

Building Random Encounters - A look at how to build your own random encounter tables.

Watchout for the Locals - Three new human barbarian tribes in the Riven Basin (or wherever you want to place them).

Tracking - Your skill just got better.

Location, Location, Location - This time we look at two wilderness locations: a very old henge and a roadside inn.

And much more!

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