d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 20 (Desert & Badlands)

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Issue 20 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content and contains the following feature articles:

Knowing the Land – Understanding the types of deserts and how they form – some great worldbuilding information.

We Took a Wrong Turn – Understanding the badlands.

It’s a Long Road – Adventuring in the desert & badlands, including hazards and equipment needed.

Dangerous Grounds – Two new encounter tables: one for the desert and another for the badlands.

Desert Rats – New monsters!

Deadly Oasis – a new adventure location you can drop into your campaign. Featuring a demon-queen and her loyal subjects.

And much more!

It is also the third in the Wilderness series of issues.

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d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 20 (Desert & Badlands)