d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 1 (Dungeons) - Physical + PDF

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Issue number one of my D&D zine, d12 Monthly.

This issue features the follow articles:

D8 Dungeon Generator – helping you create a random 5-room dungeon in under 15 minutes. This also includes an example orc stronghold you can use immediately.
Levelling Up Your Encounters – Not so much an article its self, but it introduces the next three articles which will help you create a well-rounded random encounter, plus gives an example.
Corner Table – This month’s random encounter table is for a ruined underground temple. It contains a mix of traditional monsters and some more deadly ones, as well as one new monster.
Encounter Distance – This is a table that you can use to simply and quickly determine how far away an encounter is.
What the Hell Are the Monsters Doing? – Taken from an article on this site, it completes the trilogy of articles and provides a table to let you understand what the monster is doing when encountered.
Building a New Monster – This article show you how you can tweak existing monsters to create new ones to entertain and surprise your players.
Building a Quick NPC – Building on the MAP article from Issue 0, this one gives you some random tables to roll on when creating an NPC.
Location, Location, Location – This month we introduce two new locations and three new locals within Dolfar, our small town from Issue 0. As well as the basement dungeon of Quiss – our resident wererat assassin and oil-maker from Issue 0.
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