d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 27 (Random Encounters) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 27 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content. You will receive a printed, physical copy, plus the PDF of the zine. This issue contains the following feature articles:

Roll ‘Em – An article giving you options around checking for random encounters.

All Dice Under The Sun – A look at all the various ways you can roll to see what is encountered. Lots of different tables to use!

Random Monster Encounters – A closer look at the exploding die method of generating multiple encounter tables.

Wilderness Zone – Showcases a way you can make your wilderness just as deadly as your dungeons by using zones.

2D6 Tables – A deep dive into using 2D6 for encounter tables.

An Interview – with Jon from Tale of the Manticore podcast.

New Monster – Your monster of the month is the Thud: an ever-ravenous, hairy, potato-shaped underground-dwelling humanoids who act only to fill their bellies.

I Search the Body – Treasure tables from the creature’s perspective.

And much more!

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