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Issue 31 of d12 Monthly is the Tales of Argosa issue, and includes a great deal of original content for the Tales of Argosa roleplaying game. It contains the following articles:

Tales of Argosa: An Introduction - this one-page article gives an easy to disgust overview of Tales of Argosa and what you can expect. Plus a few handy links for more information.

A Half-Dozen Gems - The six things I find absolutely brilliant with Tales of Argosa.

One Gamer’s Review - A review of ToA from a fan and indie content producer (of Low Fantasy Gaming: Class Toolkit Compendium). This article is by Brad from Goblin Scribe Gaming.

Bag of Holding - Another article by Brad from Goblin Scribe Gaming. This contains a bunch of magic items, class toolkits, and unique features.

A Natural Classic - This is a new class for Tales of Argosa: the Healer. The healer is build to be a support character with a lot of options.

What Do I Do, Drink It? - This article has a list of curative brews and other compounds useable by the Healer (see above) and anyone else with the Apothecary skill.

Behind The Scenes - This is an interview with Steve, from Pickpocket Press and creator of Low Fantasy Gaming, Lowlife 2090, and Tales of Argosa.

I also did a similar interview with Jon from Tale of the Manticore in Issue 27 (Random Encounters) and Simon from From Legend of the Bones in Issue 30 (Deities & Demi-Gods).

The Last Roll - This is a new feature for d12 Monthly: a short story. This one is by Scout Prior.

The Bigger They Are… The Harder They Smash - A new race: the Half-Giant.

No Rest for the Wicked - Some new downtime activities to keep your characters active between adventures.

It’s Magic, But Not As You Know It - Low-Magic magical weapons for a low fantasy game.

Where Did You Come From? - More backgrounds for your character. After all, we all came from somewhere.

On Location - 16 Unique locales for low-fantasy adventures.

The Bonelight Cavern - An introductory adventure location that features some bandits with a twist.

Indie Spotlight - I spotlight two indie TTRPG products that really made an impact with me.

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