d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 34 (Holy Classes of OSE) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 34 of d12 Monthly is the Holy Classes of OSE issue. It will feature articles on a new core class: the Shaman, new druid spells, multiclass combos for the druid, class-based goal, plus an article on kits for the holy classes, and much more! (See below for details).

New Class - A 4-page article detailing a new core class for OSE: the Shaman. This was based on the old 2nd edition class.

New Spells - Giving the Druid (and Shaman) some more love with some new spells for OSE. Some of these are based on 3e spells.

Class-Based Goals - Get some ideas for individual goals for your character, based on their class. Great for those solo missions!

More Multi-Classing Options - Some new multiclassing options for the Druid.

Kits Galore! - Some new kits for all the holy classes: Cleric, Paladin, and Druid. These are based on the 2nd edition idea of kits, but are built with ease of play in mind.

Oaths - I use the idea of oaths in 5e for the cleric and paladin classes - give your holy character some guidelines on how to act in the best for their deity.

Paladin's Virtues - I expand on an article in Issue 5 of d12 Monthly with the idea that different faiths have different paladins - I give you three complete examples.

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d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 34 (Holy Classes of OSE) - Physical + PDF