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Issue 28 of d12 Monthly (Halloween 2023 issue) is packed full of articles for any D&D fan. You will receive the PDF of the FULL version of the zine (there is a FREE version of the PDF as well, but it doesn't have all the articles listed below).

The Art of Fear - An article giving you techniques and tips to help you craft a bone-chilling atmosphere for your next session. This also includes a simple fear mechanic you can use.

The Traveller Has Come - Rumours and stories talk of a strange traveller who only appears on Halloween night - use The Traveller in various ways to help or frighten your PCs.

I Put It On… - 16 new cursed items to add to your treasure piles and make your PCs think twice before trying on that magic item.

Items Most Foul - Items, after being used long enough or for an extraordinarily heinous or holy event, will take on the characteristics of what it was used for. Listed are four powerful and unique items.

Carnival of Horrors - A series of articles on a macabre and eerie travelling carnival, including nine different exhibitions, three games of skill and three games of chance that your PCs may (or may not) want to play. Plus a list of macabre prizes that can be won.

A Fractious Night - Six devilish factions to use in your world, either in a one-off Halloween game, or for a long campaign.

Random Monsters - Two completely new monsters: the Goblin-Spider, and the Aarachin (a humanoid race of arachnids). Both come from the demi-plane of Gossamer (see below).

Gossamer - Gossamer is a stunning and enigmatic demi-plane nestled within the vast expanse of the Ethereal Plane, and is controlled by a familiar, but deadly enemy.

Witch's Grimoire - This article contains six bloody and macabre rituals that witches in your campaign can perform to achieve their sinister goals.

Quite A Scare! - Over time mystics and hedge wizards have started creating scarecrows to ward off more than just birds.

Don’t Make A Mis-Stake! - Six wooden stakes that serve as a deadly weapon against vampires (and sometimes other beings).

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