d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 32 (Classes) - Physical + PDF

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Issue 32 is the Classes issue. It will feature articles on kits, new multi-classing classes, the new Skald class, NPC classes, expanding secondary skills, and much more! (See below for details). It is specifically designed with Old School Essentials (OSE) in mind, but can be used for similar editions and hacks.

It contains the following articles:

Build It And They Will Come – In this article I re-introduce Kits (from 2nd edition) for OSE.

Branching Out – Multi-Classes get a shake up in this article as I showcase new roles that can be made from multi-classed characters.

Character Goals – In this article we look at individual goals that can be used for one-on-one sessions or as a side quest.

The Last Roll – This is a new feature for d12 Monthly: a short story. This one is by Scout Prior. And this concludes the story from Issue 31.

A Non-Magical Bard – I have developed the Skald: a non-magical bard (part fighter) class for OSE.

School’s Out – This article is all about expanding secondary skills and allowing PCs to do more with them.

Experiencing More – This one is all about using classes to base experience points on. And gives a comprehensive list of what can be awarded XP for each class.

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