d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 0 (First Issue) - PDF + Physical Copy

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The issue that started it all!

This issue was the prototype for what would become d12 Monthly.

It is 8 pages in length and features the following articles:

Oils Ain’t Oils – An article about some special but non-magical oils for adventurers to use.
Corner Table – This article contains a random encounter table for mountainous terrain. Watch out for those Harpies! This was submitted by Jon from Tale of the Manticore.
Shorthand Your NPCs – An easy way you can add a little flavour to your NPCs and more easily remember them.
Dramatis Personae – We take a closer look at Quiss Wikman, the person who makes those oils from the first article. Although he does more than just make oils.
Location, Location, Location! – Finally, we look at the small town of Dolfar, which sits along the Snowmelt River. Home town to Quiss Wikman and many others. Complete with town map! Here is a larger version.
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