Gregor’s Guide to Gates By Steve Jackson Games

d12 Monthly – Review - Gregor's Guide to Gates

Gregor’s Guide to Gates is a small book (A6 in size) that contains 38 unique and interesting portals, plus a D66 table of Extraplanar Strangers, for use with any Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Small But Packed

This book maybe small, but it provides a great deal of options for the GM in any D&D campaign, especially if they wish to start introducing planar travel to their PCs.

It could also be used in solo campaigns as a table of gates, and one for planar travellers when one is indicated.

You can get a copy of Gregor’s Guide to Gates over at DriveThruRPG.

It definitely has an OSR, old school, feel to it, but there are no stat blocks or rules here – this tiny tome is all lore and fluff (the good kind).

Beautiful Illustrations & Layout

Gregors Guide to Gates Cover

The book opens with a beautifully illustrated cover, hinting at the adventures to come. The interior layout is straight forward and easy to navigate, ensuring that you don’t have thumb through pages and pages to find what you are looking for.

The artwork throughout the guide is stunning, capturing the essence of otherworldly realms and the mysterious gates that connect them. Each page feels like an invitation to explore new dimensions and uncover the secrets they hold.

What Gregor’s Guide to Gates Is & Isn’t

Having said all that, Gregor’s Guide to Gates is a launching pad, and doesn’t contain pre-made adventures. It gives you just enough to start your imagination, and the rest is left up to you.

This is one area where the book could see improvement – the inclusion of pre-made adventures or campaign hooks – but to be honest, I prefer it the way it is.

The guide provides a fantastic framework for creating gate-centric adventures, especially for those just looking for inspiration.

You can grab your copy of Gregor’s Guide to Gates over at DriveThruRPG now.

Over to You

If you have this book already, what did you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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