Class-Based Adventure Goals For Drow, Duergar, Gnomes, Svirfniblins – Web Enhancement

Class-Based Adventure Hooks For Drow, Duergar, Gnomes, Svirfniblins – Web Enhancement

In issue 32 of d12 Monthly, I created a list of goals based on the classes listed in the Old School Essentials (OSE) advanced player’s guide. I did this with the help of Pete Lawson, whose idea this was originally.

I covered off the standard races-as-class in that issue, but didn’t have room for the more exotic ones. That’s what this post is all about.

I present you with class-based goals for Drow, Duergar, Gnomes, and Svirfniblins. There are six for each race, so feel free to roll randomly, or choose from those below.

Adventure Goals for Drow

      • Slave Revolt: Motivated by a strong sense of justice, your good-aligned Drow character seeks to eliminate the vile practice of enslaving others within Drow society.
      • Surface Alliance: Driven by a desire to bridge the gap between the Underdark and the surface world, your character aims to establish peaceful alliances with surface-dwelling races.
      • Outcast Refuge: Compassion for fellow outcasts within Drow society motivates your character to offer protection and support to those shunned by their own kind. Your goal is to create a sanctuary where outcasts can find refuge.
      • Seeking Lore: In a quest to defy the Drow stereotype of embracing darkness, your character seeks ancient knowledge and forgotten lore that promotes light, goodness, and benevolence.
      • Cooperation: Driven by a commitment to peace and unity, your character endeavours to facilitate understanding and cooperation between Drow and other subterranean races.
      • Artistic Heritage: In an effort to showcase the beauty and creativity of the Drow people, your character strives to rediscover and revive the lost artistic heritage of the Drow.

Adventure Goals for Duergar

      • Reclaim Ancestral Home: Seek to reclaim a lost clanhold, after having lost your ancestral homes to orcs, dragons, or other threats.
      • Building an Alliance: Forging an alliance with the surface world, working to establish trade and cultural exchange, to bridge the gap, proving that some Duergar can be valuable allies.
      • Uncover Secrets: Uncover the secrets of their dark history, seeking to uncover the truth about their past and find a way to cleanse their society of evil influences.
      • Redemption: Redeem the soul of a fallen ancestor, seeking to find a way to break the curse that has afflicted their race.
      • Racial Harmony: Build a bridge between the different dwarven subraces by working to work through differences between these subraces.
      • A Search for a New Home: Find a new home for their people (be it a small village or an entire clan), where they can live in peace and prosperity.

Adventure Goals for Gnomes

      • Uncover the Secrets of Gnomish Inventions: Motivated by a deep curiosity and affinity for tinkering, your gnome character seeks to uncover the secrets behind gnomish inventions.
      • Establish a Gnomish Cultural Archive: Recognizing the importance of preserving gnomish traditions and knowledge, your character aims to establish a comprehensive cultural archive.
      • Forge Alliances with Fey Creatures: Intrigued by the connection between gnomes and the wilderness, your character seeks to forge alliances with fey creatures.
      • Create a Gnomish Utopia: Inspired by dreams of a perfect gnome society, your character aspires to create a gnome utopia.
      • Master Illusionary Arts: With a natural aptitude for illusion magic, your gnome character aims to master the art of creating illusions.
      • Protect Gnomish Homelands from Mining Exploitation: Concerned about the impact of mining on gnomish homelands, your character takes on the responsibility of protecting these precious environments from exploitation.

Adventure Goals for Svirfniblins

      • Ruined Undercity: An elder recounts legends of a lost undercity rumoured to hold incredible treasures and powerful magic.
      • Mushroom Mine Mayhem: Spores from a mutated fungus are driving nearby creatures mad. You’re tasked to navigate the infested caverns and eradicate the source.
      • Cistern Calamity: The main water source for your clan has dried up. Explore submerged tunnels and forgotten aqueducts to uncover the cause and restore the lifeblood of your people.
      • Drow Infiltration: Whispers tell of a Drow plot to enslave your clan. Infiltrate their underground city using disguise and subterfuge, gather intel, and disrupt their plans before they come to fruition.
      • Lost Tunnel: An ancient map reveals a passage leading to a forgotten civilization. Delve into the treacherous, lightless tunnels, using your shadowsight to uncover its secrets and treasures (and dangers).
      • Cave Crawler Calamity: A monstrous cave crawler terrorises the underdark, disrupting trade routes and threatening your clan’s safety. Lead a hunting party deep into its lair, using strategic ambushes and pinpoint accuracy to take it down.

Final Thoughts

Reading these over again, you could easily use them for adventure ideas, or even whole campaign ideas if you wanted to.

There would a whole bunch of fun if everyone played the same race, and set off on a race-driven adventure.

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