d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 36 (Warriors & Rogues of OSE) - PDF Only

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Issue 36 is the Warriors & Rogues of OSE issue. It will feature articles on multiclass combos, introducing Tricks, thieves activities, new Kits, and much more! (See below for details).

Articles include:

It’s All In The Reflexes - This article introduces Tricks into the game, allowing characters to do a task better by making an ability check. Just don't fail the roll!

Mixing It Up - Some multiclass combos for you to add to your campaign to add some flavour.

Sword & Stealth - Kits for fighters and thieves.

Score! - A list of thieves' activities when they are not adventuring.

Grab At Ya! - Simple rules for grappling an opponent.

Different Strokes - Thieves of varying alignments.

Class Acts - A new regular feature. This month we look at dwarven fighters.

The Best Protection - New weapons and armour for OSE, including new materials.

Snatch & Grab - A random table and rules for picking pockets.

Show Me The Money! - How characters can make money on the side and during downtime.

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