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Issue 30 of d12 Monthly is the Deities & Demi-Gods issue, and includes a great deal of original content for your Dungeons & Dragons game.

Other-World Building: An article on building your pantheon. Answer the questions posed and start sketching out the deities of your campaign world.

The Pantheon Unveiled: An example of the pantheon from my own campaign world. This will hopefully give you some guidance to help you build your own.

Clouds & Dirt: A tour of the elemental planes, featuring all four elements, including their physical characteristics, inhabitants, laws of reality, and planar features.

Divine Favours: A way you can give blessing from the gods to your most devout PCs. This has a list of 9 example blessings. If you want even more than this, check out the FULL version, which lists 27 example blessings!

The Creation Mythos: An article to help you create your own creation myth, which will in-turn help you determine what part your gods played in this, if any.

Gods and Mortals: How deities and mortals interact. Listing different ways gods can show themselves and contact mortals.

Interview With Simon: An interview with the creator of Legend of the Bones, a solo radio play podcast (similar to Manticore Tale).

I also did a similar interview with Jon from Manticore Tale in Issue 27 (Random Encounters).

Relics of the Gods: A list of three very powerful artefacts from three different deities in my home campaign, which hopefully gives you some inspiration to create your own. You can also use these by changing the deity's name.

Mysteries of the Divine: A list of some secret cults within established churches. Some are extremists who are shunned, while others are welcome within the church.

Ascension of the Pious: An article on how your character can become a demi-god. This is a different take on demi-god, as vessels for their deity that is created, not born.

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d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 30 (Deities & Demi-Gods) - PDF Only