The Demonic Rift – Web Enhancement

Web Enhancement - Demonic Rift

This is a Web Enhancement for Issue 29 (Planes & Demi-Planes)

The Demonic Rift stands as a nightmarish and perilous dimension, a realm where demons – the embodiment of malevolence – thrive. 

Accessible only through rare and treacherous means (see below), this sinister plane is shrouded in obscurity. Its very existence is a closely guarded secret among scholars and sages. 

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Building an Active and Living D&D Campaign World

Building an Active and Living D&D Campaign World

In regular Dungeons & Dragons adventures, PCs often find themselves on a linear journey, moving from one plot point to the next, with the world around them serving as a backdrop. 

Antagonists are primarily focused on thwarting the PCs’ goals, their actions driven by the ever-looming influence of the Big Bad. 

But what if I told you there’s a more immersive and dynamic way to play? To bring the world front and centre. 

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This Is How I Love To Play Dungeons & Dragons

How I Love To Play Dungeons & Dragons

There are many ways to play Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and if you ask 10 people they will most likely give you 10 different answers on how they like to play. 

This post is all about how I like to play. 

I wanted to write this as a gateway to learning more about how I play D&D.

And, from there, you can learn and understand the parts that make up what I love about playing D&D this way. So, you too, may incorporate them into your campaign. 

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Web Enhancement – Necrodominus Codex

Web Enhancements - Necrodominus Codex

This is a web enhancement for Issue 28 of d12 Monthly

The Necrodominus Codex is an ancient tome which was created by a powerful and resourceful necromancer centuries ago.

It has been lost for a long time, but it has passed through many hands throughout the years since its creation. And it contains spells and rituals related to necromancy and the creation of undead.

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Sandbox D&D Campaigns – Dealing With The Misconceptions

Sandbox D&D Campaigns - Dealing With The Misconceptions

Recently, I posted a question on X/Twitter asking why sandbox worlds were so popular in the video game space, and quite frequently resisted or derided in the TTRPG space. 

A lot of the comments I received were saying that it was too hard to create a sandbox campaign, it would take years, it would require a GM to dedicate months and years to creating the world, and so on. 

But this is all incorrect. 

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