Web Enhancement – 12 Minor Magic Items For D&D

Web Enhancement - 12 Minor Magic Items For D&D

This is part of an on-going Web Enhancement series

In issue 25 of my Dungeons & Dragons zine, d12 Monthly, there is an article by Mike Pike on creating random minor magical items. You can find Issue 25 for free on this site.

It allows you to create some truly special mundane minor magic items for your PCs to find.

In this post I want to list 12 minor magic items I created separate of the table, just in case you don’t have time to roll up your own.

Hopefully you can use these minor magic items in your D&D campaigns.

Minor Magic Items

Coinpurse of Abundance

No matter how many coins are placed inside, this purse always appears empty to the casual observer, deterring potential thieves.

Gleaming Mirror

A mirror that automatically enhances the appearance of the person looking into it, making them appear well-rested and attractive.

Time-Telling Ring

This ring allows the wearer to tell the time accurately without needing to look at a clock, as it imparts an intuitive sense of time passing.

Magic Ring
Artist: 1manstudio.de

Sprightly Shoes

Wearing these shoes, one can walk longer distances (up to twice normal overland movement) without feeling fatigued.

Tracker’s Compass

This compass always points towards the location of place designated by the owner.

Everwarm Mug

This ordinary-looking wooden mug magically keeps any beverage placed inside it at the perfect drinking temperature, never getting too cold or too hot.

Charmed Cooking Pot

This cauldron never burns food, and it always imparts a delicious, savoury flavour to whatever is cooked within it.

Bard’s Lyre

When played, this lyre enhances the musical abilities of the performer, captivating listeners and improving their mood. (This gives the performer a +2 to their skill or +1 to their reaction roll.)

Glimmering Thread

This enchanted thread adds a subtle shimmer to any clothing it’s sewn into, granting the wearer an air of elegance. (This gives the wearer a +2 to any Charisma-based skill checks, or +1 to their reaction roll.)

Artist – Carlos Castilho

Mystic Lantern

A lantern that emits a soft, flickering light which can repel minor creatures of darkness, providing a safe circle of illumination. (This will repel any creature who has darkvision who has fewer than 1HD.)

Enchanted Quill

This quill never runs out of ink and enhances the writer’s penmanship, making even the messiest handwriting look elegant.

Healing Bandages

These simple-looking bandages accelerate the natural healing process of wounds, reducing pain and scarring. (Double the healing over the same timeframe.)

Over to You

Which is your favourite? Which do you think your PCs will love? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I created a novelty LARGE magic item. A four poster bed, that once you slept in it your CHA would increase to 20. But each night you did not sleep in it after that your CHA would drop back to its original score. Basically useless for adventurers, but great for rulers of Kingdoms

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