The Freelands are a large stretch of land which belongs to no nation or single ruler. It’s a collection of city-states, walled towns, and powerful lords who control their lands from their keeps.

It spans from the western coastline, inland until the Dragonspine Mountains, and north from the same mountains to the nation of Cambria in the south.

The Freelands have no standing army and is protected instead by adventuring parties.

It has become standard practice for a wealthy merchant, noble, government, or other body to sponsor adventuring groups to patrol the lands near them looking for threats.

So far, this practice has been successful in quelling raids by goblinoids, and stopping threats to the good folk of the Freelands (or Freefolk as they are know). 

Freelands Geography

The Freelands is broken up into five rough areas:

The Frontier (north of Isleholm)

The Coastlands (the entire coast to the west)

Central Freelands

Eastern Freelands (generally along the Dragonspine Mountains)

Southern Freelands (which is generally the more settled part of the Freelands). 

The two most dangerous parts are The Frontier and the Eastern Freelands as these are full of dangerous monsters including Orc and Goblins. 

The Southern and Central Freelands are the most settled and least dangerous, although nowhere in the Freelands is completely safe. 

The Coastlands are more settled than the Frontier but there are still stretches along the coast that are considered dangerous. 

Most of the population is contained in three areas: Southern and Central Freelands, and the Coastlands.

The City-States

There are five powerful and large city-states located around the Freelands, and these are:

Each have their own distinct culture and appearance.

Southern Aythia Map
Southern Aythia