Built on the top of deep crevasses which plunge into the ground under it, Myrbridge is made up of many land masses – large and small – connected by hundreds of bridges.

Each land mass has a unique name and is treated as a sort of neighbourhood. Several neighborhoods are joined together to form a Ward.

These Wards are of varying sizes and have varying levels of power within the city itself. And each are run by a Warden.

These Wardens have absolute authority over their Wards and are also in charge of collecting taxes, the upkeep of public works, and local law and order.

Some typical Wards: Guildward, Templeward, Marketward, Tradeward, Parkward, Bridge Gate North, Bridgegate South, Merchantward, Shieldward, Mageward, Loward, Highward, Stockyards, Hinward (Halflingtown), Towerward, Riverward.

Each Warden is an elected official and elections come around each 5 years. Each Ward has different election dates, depending on when they were founded.

The Wardens report to the Wardmeister, who oversees the Wardens and reports, in turn, to the city government.

Neighbourhoods may have their local representative, depending on its size and importance within the Ward and city, but these positions are honorary only and have no official status.

Despite this, most Wardens are aware of and sensitive to these community leaders and they can wield some influence (especially around election time).


The city is unwalled as the crevasses that surround the city are quite wide and the main bridges spanning them are built to be destroyed at a moments notice.

Two of the many cravasses within the city are filled with water, which has created dual rivers running through the city. These rivers are supplied by a large underground river that bubbles up to the surface and brings with it some interesting and unique fishes and other freshwater animals, which the riverman of Myrbridge happily fish and supply to the other city-states as delicacies.

The cravasses themselves are lush with the walls covered in moss and small bushes that cling to the sides. Rainfall is plentiful and this can create small, temporary waterfalls as the runoff falls over the edges.

The bridges that make up the city range from small and plain to large and ornate, and there has been many years of engineers out-doing themselves trying to construct the more ornate or original-looking bridge.

Those in the more well-to-do neighbourhoods are usually larger and more elaborate (even ostentatious) than those in poorer ones.

The set of bridges that lead into the city – both north and south are built more with practicality in mind and they can be destroyed at a moment’s notice to stop aggressors invading the city.