Summerheart looks as though it has grown out of the forest itself.

Positioned between the eastern tip of the Great Forest and the western edge of the Dragontail Mountains it acts as a sort of gateway between the southern nations and the Freelands.

Its buildings include living trees and their branches into their design and the whole city is environmentally friendly, with half-elves dominating the racial mix. Other races who call Summerheart home are: elves, genasi, humans, and the occasional gnome.


Summerheart was born as a human settlement who built too close to the edge of the forest which annoyed the wood elves who dwelt within its forest edge.

Over time however, the elves and humans settled their disputes and united against an orc horde that descended from the Dragontail Mountains.

Eventually this alliance became closer until the human settlement was absorbed into the forest by elven magics and there it has remained, growing larger with the blessing of the elves.

In fact, this melding of nature and city also melded the two races – elves and humans – into one race: half-elves.

Now Summerheart is made up primarily of half-elves. Around 80 per cent of the population is half-elf.

Summerheart is the only half-elf nation in existence.