d12 Sites – Issue 4 – Bloodied Grove

d12 Sites Zine - Issue 4

Bloodied Grove is Issue 4 of d12 Sites, my location zine for Dungeons & Dragons.

d12 Sites is a zine that covers a new location you can drop anywhere in your own D&D campaign world.

Issue 4 is covers the Bloodied Grove. It features a once beautiful druid’s grove that has been corrupted by the Cult of the Bloodied Hand – one that is hell-bent on enacting a ritual that will awaken a long-dormant evil. But there is more to this cult than first meets the eye.

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Two Year Plan For d12 Monthly And YUMDM

Two Year Plan For d12 Monthly And YUMDM

The next two years will be, hopefully, growth years for YUDM, my zines, and the industry as a whole.

I wanted to let you know what I have planned as a way of keeping you informed, but to also hold myself to account.

NOTE: While these plans are written down and mapped out, they may (and probably will) change in some aspects – especially given we live in uncertain times.

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