d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 8 (Underdark)

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Issue 8 of d12 Monthly is jam-packed with a lot of content and contains the following feature articles:

History of the Deepdark - A look at how the Deepdark started and was formed.

Drowcraft Items - How to create the dark elf's weapons and armour.

Weapon Spotlight - This time we take a look at the crossbow.

Seeing In The Dark - How to see and light your way in the Deepdark.

Some Kind of Magic - The magic within Deepdark crystals and how to use them.

Survival of the Fittest - How to survive in the Deepdark.

Underdark Places - Some tunnel and chamber dressings to keep your game fresh and interesting.

Campaign Idea - A look at a dark elf campaign.

Location, Location, Location - This time we look at a Dark Creeper city, known as Nilvyr.

And much more!

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d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 8 (Underdark)