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Issue 35 of d12 Monthly is the Rustic Classes of OSE issue, focusing on the classes barbarian, bard, and ranger. It will feature articles on a new core class: the explorer, alternate skills & abilities, multiclassing, new kits, building traps, and much more! (See below for details).

New Class - The Explorer is the latest of my core classes for you to use.

By Wits & Skill - A variant on the Ranger: a spell-less version.

More Multi-Classing - Give your world some depth with these multi-classing ideas.

Alternate Abilities - Swap out some abilities for other for the ranger and barbarian classes.

More Kits! - Even more kits. This time for the rustic classes.

More Monsters - Two more monsters to throw at your players.

Safe Havens - Places in the wilderness and dungeons where PCs can rest up and recoup.

Class-Based Goals - For when you need to throw together a session quick die to some no-shows.

Creating Traps - New rules for letting characters create traps to protect themselves and their stuff.

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