d12 Monthly Zine - Issue 2 (Death) - Physical + PDF

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This issue of d12 Monthly is issue number 2, and is all about death.

It features the following articles:

Death Rites – A list of different ways various cultures could handle the dead in your campaign world. Use it for inspiration. This article is by Broke_AF_Games.

Death-Deal Artifacts – Three powerful artefact that could end your PCs lives or just pretend to. Use at your own risk!

Death-Defying Injuries – A system which allows you to cause debilitating injuries instead of death.

Different Ways to Die – How death has come to character throughout D&D’s various editions.

Death in TTRPGs – How to handle death in your table top roleplaying game. This article is written by Dungeon Theory.

Ullarl: The Deity of Death and Loss – A new god for you to use in your campaign world.

Spirited Away – Where souls go after someone dies. This is how I handle death, and undeath, in my campaign world of Aythia.

Resurrection Risk – If you do have resurrection in your game, it should never be as easy as simply casting a spell. I give you seven ways to make this more interesting.

We also have several regular articles:

Location, Location, Location – We take one last look around Dolfar (before moving on to a new place in Issue 3). The maps are by the talented artist Alex the Map Maker (see below for larger versions of his maps).

Dramatis Personae – We look at a priest of Ullarl and some more occupants of Dolfar (all using the NPC MAP process from Issue 0).

Non-Magical Items – Issue 0 gave you a bunch of non-magical oils, and in this issue we get all tangled up with some non-magical ropes.

End Tables – Mixing things up a little in this issue, we move the Side Table to the end of the zine and give you seven random encounter tables to use for various locations.

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